The Charlotte Eagles have infiltrated the inner city of Charlotte to seek the spiritually lost. 

The Urban Eagles desire to reach out through the building of soccer teams to make an impact in these urban neighborhoods.  

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God has been doing some great things in the Albemarle Community!  Since the Urban Eagles began there in October  2009; the kids have grown in the soccer ability, and in their love for God and each other.

The week is full of activities for the children! On Mondays and Fridays  the kids have a blast playing soccer with a time set aside to have a Bible lesson. Tuesdays we tutor and help the students with their homework. On Thursdays there is a Bible Study for Jr. High and High school students.  
The Urban Eagles work closely with the parents of the children, Albemarle Road Elementary & Middle Schools, as well as Eastern Hills Baptist Church in encouraging and mentoring in  the child’s physical, mental, social and spiritual development
The programs are from 4:30-6 pm. We would be delighted  to have you  join us building into the children and families!!! 
If you are interested in getting involved or just have questions about the ministry contact Paul Shedd at or 704-841-8644 ext. 38 
Birchcroft Apartments (3143 Central Ave.  Charlotte, NC 28205) located on Central Ave. between Briarcreek Rd. and Eastcrest Rd.  Birchcroft is a melting pot of refugees from many different nations such as Burma, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Nepal, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Congo, and Eritrea.  

As you may may have guessed, international people LOVE soccer and if you want to get into a pretty competitive pick up game where the dirt is flying and trees and bushes may get in the way, then Birchcroft is right up your alley.  

Soccer aside, the Urban Eagles is a ministry of love and compassion as we help to educate and meet the practical needs of food, clothing, furniture and transportation to the families of Birchcroft. 

The majority of the children speak broken English (some being fluent) their reading, writing, and comprehension is far below their grade levels and many are simply illiterate. The children in this neighborhood go to Merry Oaks Elementary, Eastway Middle School or Garringer High School.  
We have partnered with Renovatus Church to provide both community and resources to the Birchcroft neighborhood.


The Grier Heights Urban Eagles ministry has been active since 2009.  We are a highly relational ministry focused on discipling youth in their personal walk in faith.  We have 50 young men, ages 7-18, involved in our teams and programs that make up our Urban Eagles FAMILY.  

These 50 young men are involved in teams, tutoring, mentoring relationships, small groups, and trips and retreats.  We also have a Leadership Development Program that trains 12 high school leaders to help lead our programs and coach our teams.

We currently have volunteer needs for tutors on Wednesday nights from 6:30-8pm (Middle School and High School) and on Thursday Afternoons from 3:30-4:30 (Elementary School).

We also have weekly needs for meals for numerous activities.

If you would like to volunteer, provide meals, or have further questions please e-mail Ben Page at