Matchdays, youth camps and everyday Eagles responsibilities would not be possible during the summer without the help of our amazing interns!

We work behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly here at the club.


MEDIA - Our media team are in charge of most of our online activity. From providing graphics and video content for our Instagram and Twitter profiles to designing our website and email updates, these guys are the creative minds behind our brand’s social interactions!

COMMUNICATION - We love for our players, parents and fans to be engaged with the club. Therefore we need people to respond and answer any questions they may have. Our communication team work alongside our media interns to make sure that everyone is kept up to date with all things Eagles, as well as personalizing the way we reach out with our marketing and promotional materials.

MATCHDAY ASSISTANTS - There is a lot of preparation to be done for a matchday to take place. Throughout the week we have a team that make sure all of the USL2 and WPSL paperwork is completed,


Are you interested in becoming part of our team next summer?

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